Welcome to Restaurant L'øst

At Restaurant L'øst in the heart of Aarhus, you can enjoy a meal featuring the finest ingredients of the season. You will experience cooking with consideration for the world around us. Sit back in our cosy restaurant, relax and unwind for aa little while.

L’øst: A modern restaurant in the heart of Aarhus

At L’øst, our skilled chefs are ready to transform good, simple ingredients into dishes you already know, but with a twist that will surprise you. We let vegetables, fish and shellfish be the focus on the menu, and most of the ingredients come from organic Danish suppliers.

Cozy surroundings

In our cozy surroundings, you can enjoy a delicious meal during the week or treat yourself to a three-course menu when there’s something to celebrate. Our brick walls and open kitchen reflect the informal approach of the kitchen, and our friendly staff will welcome you with a smile. So come by and experience L’øst’s special mix of down-to-earth creativeness, where cooking and hospitality go hand in hand.